Marc Impey

Marc has been an established spiritualist medium for over a decade now, serving many spiritualist churches and theatres both in the UK and abroad.

He has a wonderful, intricate and highly evidential way of delivering messages from those in spirit who wish to reach out and touch once again the hearts of their loved ones.

With a natural sense of humour Marc’s messages also bring the personality through of loved ones who are communicating, and quite often their mannerisms.

Marc also runs development circles for budding mediums, as well as running a physical circle, he also teaches on various subjects relating to developing mediumship and other relevant topics.

Marc has been on various radio stations both in the UK and in The Republic of Ireland.

Marc has been a natural sensitive from a young age with an ability to switch in and out of his sixth sense which he inherited from both of his Grandmothers who also had the same gift.