Jane Goodman

Jane was seven when she first experienced a Soul Connection with Spirit and could see, hear and sense things around her. Many years later she discovered that her Great Grandmother was a Spiritualist, and also her second cousins who she never really knew where also extremely intuitive. As the years passed Jane became more and more interested in all things Spiritual including Angels, Crystals, Runes, Merlin, Unicorns, Egypt, Atlantis, the list is endless. However, she never felt drawn to read a Spiritual Book, but always had an inner knowing and always followed her guidance.

Now many years later Jane feels humble to live the life she has always dreamed of and that is helping others – Jane admits her life has not been easy and like many, had to face life’s challenges on her own – feeling pain, heartache, devastation of divorce, losing loved ones, depression, living on a shoe string, experiencing three near death experiences (oh she laughs and says she could write a book) but these have all been lessons and journeys that have made Jane the person she is today.

Jane loves what she does with a passion and works totally through her heart and works with Spirit and the Angels to give the messages (help or guidance) that may be needed at this moment in time.

Jane has always felt guided by Spirit and the Angels and listens to her intuition/guidance at all times and has been lucky enough to work all over the Country. She has been featured in many publications including Soul & Spirit, Kindred Spirit and Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune. She has read for many Psychics, Mediums, Actors, Authors and Celebrities as well as the general public.