Jan Harris

Jan has been following her spiritual path for most of her life as she has known spirit since childhood. When she was just 4 years old she saw spirit for the first time. Unknown spirit people continued to show themselves to Jan for many years. During these early years, this did not mean much to her as she thought this was normal for everyone.

Over the years as a working medium she has become known for the accuracy and evidence of her mediumship proving the continuation of life.

Jan is known for her warmth and laughter that she brings into her demonstrations making you feel at ease with her natural ability to communicate with the spirit world. Those who have been lucky enough to have received a message through Jan’s mediumship often remark on how they felt they had been touched by the actual soul of their loved one.

As an International working medium, Jan has worked many stages and theatres and has had the privilege of working alongside well-known and respected mediums. Jan has worked all across the UK and Ireland and also given demonstrations of mediumship abroad. Jan provides readings for people worldwide and one to one readings as well as live internet and telephone readings.

In order for Jan to grow and continually advance her mediumship, she has trained at the renowned Arthur Findlay College and is now very passionate about teaching mediumship to a high standard to up and coming mediums.  An extremely important part of Jan’s readings and demonstrations is to be able to provide evidence of the continuation and existence of a life after the physical death, showing that we are still able to communicate with our family and friends within the spirit world.